The Problem


Violent crimes have increased as field employees and independent contractors are in daily contact with consumers.

  • Courts now rule that pre-employment background checks are insufficient vetting tools.
  • Uber was fined $10 million in settlement of sexual harassment claims against their independent contractors.
  • The average settlement for negligent hiring cases exceeds $1,000,000.
  • $15-25 billion in profits are lost annually due to employee theft, according to the Bureau of National Affairs.

The Solution


I’ve Been Vetted (IBV) provides automated compliance checks and risk management tools through our employment risk mitigation platform. Our customized and secured portal provides companies with an automated and instant snapshot of the statuses of their employees/contractors.  

  • IBV protects the reputation of the company
  • IBV motivates employees to avoid criminal activities
  • IBV reduces training, defense and settlement costs
  • IBV is a market differentiator

Beyond safety concerns, IBV can be used by employment candidates to stand out from the competition.